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Aligarh Pincode / Post Office Search (HATHRAS, Uttar Pradesh)

Abhaipur Behlolpur B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Achna B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Adaun B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ahmedpur B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ahraula B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Aidalpur B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Akrabad S.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Alampur Fatehpur B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Alampur Rani Barla B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Aligarh City S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Aligarh Dairy Farm S.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Aligarh H.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Allahdadpur Aisi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ama Madapur B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Amrauli B.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Amritpur B.O 202132AligarhUttar Pradesh
Arnot B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Arrana B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Asroi B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Atrauli S.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Badesara B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Badhari Bujurg B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur Kota B.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bajauta B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Balwant Nagaria B.O 202143AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bamani B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bamnoi B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bamoti B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Band Abdulhamipur B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bankner B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bapandai B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Barai Shahpur B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Baranadi B.O 202128AligarhUttar Pradesh
Baraula B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Barauli B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bardwari B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Barotha B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Basai Babas B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Basai Kazi B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Basgoi B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bastoi B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bazidpur B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Beethna B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bembirpur B.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bena B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Beswan S.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhadesi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhaiyan B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhamora Kalan B.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhangra B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhankri Ahiwasi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhankri Niranjankot B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bharatpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhatikara B.O 204211AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhavigarh B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhemti B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhenkuri B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhikampur B.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhimpur B.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhojpur Nuri B.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bhuraka B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bidirka B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bijaigarh S.O 202170AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bijauli S.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bilona Chitsari B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Birpura S.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bisara B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bistauli B.O 202170AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bonai B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bonai B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Budha Gaon B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Budhansi B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Bwarwana B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chakathal B.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chandaiya B.O 202139AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chandaus S.O 202132AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chandpur Mirza B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Changeri B.O 202128AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chhabilpur B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chhadawali B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chhaichhau B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chhalesar B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chharra S.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chherat B.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chhonda B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chhonk B.O 202170AligarhUttar Pradesh
Chilawati B.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
D S College S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dabha B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dadon S.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Daheli B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Datawali B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Daupur B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dayal Nagar S.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Debthala B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dedamai B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Deopur B.O 202143AligarhUttar Pradesh
Deorau B.O 202143AligarhUttar Pradesh
Deta Khurd B.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dewa Hamidpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dhanipur B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dhansari B.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dhantauli B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Digsari B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dinapur B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dudhma B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Dwarikapur B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Fatehgarhi B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
G C Sasni S.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gabhana S.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gadola B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gadrana B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gandhi Eye Hospital S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gangapur B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gangiri S.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gangrol B.O 202170AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ganiyabali B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gehtoli Nirmal B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gharbara B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ghazipur B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gidauli B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ginoli Kishanpur B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Godha B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gomat S.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gonda S.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gopi B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gorai B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gorola B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Govindpur Fagoi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Guarau Kalan B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gudmai Misripur B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gurusena B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Gurushikharan B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Habibganj B.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Haranpur Kalan B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Harautha B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hardoi B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Harduaganj S.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Harnaut B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hasayan S.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hasona Jagmohanpur B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hastpur Chandfari B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hathras City S.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hathras Jn RS S.O 204102AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hathras S.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hetalpur B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Hinsel B.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
I E Hathras S.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
I T I Road S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Iglas S.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Iglas Thana B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Izzatpur B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
J D Singh S.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jaidpura B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jaiganj S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jalali S.O 202128AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jalalpur B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jalalpur B.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jallupur Sehore B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jalokhari B.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jamaun B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jamonka B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jansoi B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jarara B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jatoi B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jatrauli B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jattari S.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jatwar B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jawan S.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jawar B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jhijharka B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jirauli B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jiroli B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jiroli Hira Singh B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Jiroli Kalan B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
K G W Sasni S.O 202139AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kachaura S.O 204211AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kajrauth B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kakethal B.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kalai B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kalua Bhilet B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kalwa B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kalyanpur B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kamalpur B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kanau B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kandauli B.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kanobi B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kanoi B.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kanya Gurukul B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kapasiya B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Karanpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kaser B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kasimpur S.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kasison B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kathera B.O 202170AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kauriyaganj S.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kemthal B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kesopur Jafri B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khair Mandi B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khair S.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khan Alampur B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khandeha B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khandua B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khera Bujurg B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khera Narain Singh B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khera Sattu B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khirsauli B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Khurrampur B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kilpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Komari B.O 202139AligarhUttar Pradesh
Konchhor B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Korah Rustampur B.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kota B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kutchery S.O (Aligarh) 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Kutubour Amarpur B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
L C Hathras B.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ladhaua B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Lehra B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Lodha S.O 202140AligarhUttar Pradesh
Lohgarh B.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Lutsan B.O 202139AligarhUttar Pradesh
M M Hathras S.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
Madanpur B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Madar Darwaja S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Madhaula B.O 202143AligarhUttar Pradesh
Madholi B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Madrak B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mahavir Ganj S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Maho B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mahua B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Maisubhasgram B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Majhola B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Malav B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Malikpura B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Manai B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mandanpur B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mandpur B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Manena Ummedpur B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Manik Chowk S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Manti Basai B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Matroi B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mau Chirayal B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Maur B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mehgora B.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mehrawal B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mendamai B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mendu B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mirpur Khas B.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mohariya B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mohkampur Garia B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mohrena B.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mohreni B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mukandpur B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Mursan S.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Musepur Jalal B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
N C Kasimpur S.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagaria Patti B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Birkhu B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Danda B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Devi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Jagdeo B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Jhujhar B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Padam B.O 202132AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Sarua B.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nagla Veer Sahai B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Naglamandir B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nah B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nahal B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Naj Mandi S Rao S.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Narainpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Narona Akapur B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Narupura B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Naugawan B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Naurangabad B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Nayaganj Hathras S.O 204101AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ogipur B.O 202132AligarhUttar Pradesh
Orani Dalpatpur B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pachawari B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pahari Pur B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pahawati B.O 202143AligarhUttar Pradesh
Paindapur B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Paitra Nawabpur B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pala Aisi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pala Chand B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pala Kastali B.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pali Mukimpur B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Palirajapur S.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Palsera B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Panehra B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Panethi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Parhil B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Parki B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pata Khas B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pateni B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pempur B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Penth Gaon B.O 204213AligarhUttar Pradesh
Phusauli B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pilkhana B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pilona B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pipalgaon B.O 204211AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pipari B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pisawah S.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pora B.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pothi B.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Purdilpur S.O 204214AligarhUttar Pradesh
Pureni B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Quarsi B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rajatau B.O 202131AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rajawal B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rajmau B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rajpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rajpur Khas B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ramghat Road S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ramnagar B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rampur Chandyana B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rampur Shahpur B.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ranjeet Garhi B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rasal Ganj S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ratanpur Hussainpur B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rati Ka Nagla B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rehsupur B.O 202128AligarhUttar Pradesh
Resari B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rudayan B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Rukhala B.O 202134AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sabalpur B.O 202155AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sadhu Ashram B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sahajpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sahara Khurd B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sahjahanpur Baijna B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Salarpur B.O 202281AligarhUttar Pradesh
Salempur B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Salpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sankra B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sarai Khirni S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sarai Kutub B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sarai Labaria S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sarsol B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sasni Gate B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sasni S.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Satha B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sathini B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sawai Raghunathpur B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sehri Madangarhi B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shadipur B.O 202137AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shahabajpur B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shahagarh B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shahpur Kutub B.O 202002AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shahpur Madrak B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shankerpur B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sheikhupur B.O 202128AligarhUttar Pradesh
Shiwala B.O 202135AligarhUttar Pradesh
Siarol B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sikandarpur Kota B.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sikandra Rao S.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sikharna B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Siktara B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sikur B.O 202139AligarhUttar Pradesh
Simardhari B.O 202124AligarhUttar Pradesh
Simrauthi B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Siroli B.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Siya Khas B.O 202122AligarhUttar Pradesh
Somna S.O 202143AligarhUttar Pradesh
Songra B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Srinagar B.O 204212AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sudama Ka Bas B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sudeshpur B.O 202132AligarhUttar Pradesh
Suhawali B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sujanpur B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sujawalpur B.O 204211AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sumera B.O 202126AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sunamai B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Sunpahar B.O 202130AligarhUttar Pradesh
Susayat Kalan B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
T R M M Aligarh S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Talesara B.O 202123AligarhUttar Pradesh
Talib Nagar B.O 202127AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tamkoli B.O 202136AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tamotia B.O 202145AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tappal S.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tatarpur B.O 202150AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tati Dadia B.O 204215AligarhUttar Pradesh
Teothu B.O 202280AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tikari Kalan B.O 204211AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tilothi B.O 204216AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tochhigarh B.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Tuamai B.O 202121AligarhUttar Pradesh
Udaipur B.O 202142AligarhUttar Pradesh
Ukhlana B.O 202125AligarhUttar Pradesh
Umri B.O 202141AligarhUttar Pradesh
Untasani B.O 202165AligarhUttar Pradesh
Upperkot S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Usram B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Utra B.O 202129AligarhUttar Pradesh
Utwara B.O 202138AligarhUttar Pradesh
Vishnupuri S.O 202001AligarhUttar Pradesh
Zafar Manzil B.O 202133AligarhUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.